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  • In addition to the account number indicated above, I hereby direct Cherokee County Federal Credit Union to set up the additional account number(s) to access (you must be a joint owner on the account) via Electronic Internet Teller.

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    1. I agree to the terms, conditions, and agreements which govern my account or joint accounts, as noted above at Cherokee County FCU including, but not limited to the Member Service Agreement, this Electronic Internet Teller agreement and electronic Funds, Transfer (EFT) regulations.

    2. I am responsible for all Electronic Internet Teller transactions and the confidentiality of my PASSWORD. I agree that if I give my PASSWORD to anyone that I do understand they will be able to make withdrawals, transfer or check requests on my account(s), as specified by me, accessible through the EIT. I further understand and agree that I am responsible for all such transactions and that this authorization shall control any agreement I have with Cherokee County FCU.

    3. I agree that I will cancel and / or change my PASSWORD and contact the credit union immediately if an unauthorized person obtains access to my PASSWORD.

    4. All monetary transactions via my Credit Union account(s) will be subject to available funds on my account(s).

    5. I understand this agreement is subject to change with proper notification.

    6. The Credit Union may terminate or restrict EIT transactions without notice and I may terminate this agreement, at any time, by giving written notice and verification to the Credit Union.

    7. All check withdrawals will be made payable to the primary member on the account and sent to the address of record.

    8. I do understand that transactions through EIT will occur via the internet and although the credit union uses several layers of technology to ensure the confidentiality of transactions across the internet, security begins with my browser. Thus, Cherokee County FCU Electronic Internet Teller requires that I use the latest versions of either Netscape of Internet Explorer to ensure the highest level of security for my Internet transaction. I do also understand that I should exit my browser when leaving the computer so that no one other than myself can view my account information.

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